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SourceBreaker at the Recruitment Expo 2023
The Project
I was contracted by SourceBreaker at the start of 2023 as a graphic designer, working within the marketing department. At this time, SourceBreaker had been acquired by Bullhorn Recruitment, a process which would be complete by May 2023. I was tasked to design a series of marketing materials to advertise SourceBreaker as a standalone product, as well as one that could be effortlessly used in conjunction with Bullhorn's technology. Working closely with the marketing departments of SourceBreaker and Bullhorn, as well as senior-executives, I produced a stand, a series of one-page and tri-fold flyers, an A4 booklet and an animated infographic to be shown at the Recruitment Expo 2023, held at the Excel Center in London. While most included SourceBreaker branding, other materials required I develop a hybrid brand, blending SourceBreaker's and Bullhorn's branding to mark the acquisition. These materials were first used at the Recruitment Expo in March 2023, however continued to be used throughout the rest of the acquisition period and even after during the final adjustments for the rest of 2023.
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