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I’ve been providing creative services for 4 years now, having had the pleasure to work for a variety of companies, tell some of the most interesting stories and have my creations displayed across the world. I have worked with world-renown artists to tell their stories, designed graphics for award winning films and provided services for some the UKs industry-leaders in recruitment, tech and finance. My works have been displayed at film-festivals, corporate expos and even in shows at the Gajah Gallery in Singapore. 


My most recent venture is Yon-Created. Yon-Created is inspired and motivated by one principal: “Create More.” Yon-created uses visual media to innovate and disrupt, to tell the narratives that matter to you and bring your brand to life and connect to your audience. We create more to educate, connect and explore the world around us

Telling the stories that connect you to your audience
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