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Hi, I'm Jono Flett

A freelance filmmaker and storyteller. My focus is telling your story and connecting you to your core audience. I work with various sized companies across a variety of sectors, from local barbershops to Google. My experience extends beyond the corporate-sphere however, having collaborated with world renown artists, award winning filmmakers as well as performers from all over the world. My work has been showcased in the Gajah Gallery in Singapore, displayed at international film-festivals, and best of all on this website. 


AI is here to stay around and grow, what does that mean? We are in a time when facilitators are losing out, and production can be made on a much larger scale. The big companies get bigger and what is already mass-produced will only grow at a faster rate. 


Does that scare you? Let me tell you why it shouldn’t.


People seek connection, the more they buy into mass production, the more they get sick of it. The companies that succeed tomorrow are the ones who connect to their audience today. That is done through story-telling. Small businesses tackle the issues that matter to you, to your community. It’s the story that creates that connection. AI will never fully create that connection because AI will never live that human experience, no matter how much data may be available. My stories educate, connect and explore. Most important above all, they tap into your audience and ensure they know and believe in your mission. With that tool, your business will be unstoppable. 

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