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Mysterious Ashley Bickerton 2020- 2022

Short snippets of my personal short film project, The Mysterious Ashley Bickerton, made in collaboration with the artist himself and New York filmmaker, Michael Holman.

The collaboration project came through getting in contact with Ashley during the lockdown, having been a big fan of his work and the Gray song. I feel very fortunate to have been able to speak with both of them about their work and receive their help in creating this.

This project was an opportunity to begin exploring my skills in graphic design, as well as high-level video editing and 2-D animation. Since starting, I have learned a great deal about the processes involved in making a short film.

With Wonder 2021

Title work on 2021 short film "With Wonder," directed by Sharon Lewis. 

Title animation created using Adobe After Effects.

Meet the analyst title work 2022

Title animations created for EM360 video series "Meet the Analyst."

Created using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

EM360 Podcast Animations 2022

Part of a company task to create animated trailers for client podcasts.


Created using Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Animation for EM360 Social Media

Short Graphic, uploaded as a GIF to social media channels, visualising content from EM360 tech articles. The intention of this piece is to drive people to the EM360 website.

Created in Photoshop and After Effects.

Economics today advertisement

Designed and animated a short advert for Economics Today Magazine, a product of Economics Factory. 

Designed using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Voice recordings edited in Adobe Audition.

Sourcebreaker at the Recruitment Expo 2023

Oversaw and managed the design of all digital and print items for the Recruitment Expo 2023, held at the London Excel Centre.


Tasks involved designing all print collateral (two trifold leaflets, one bi-fold and an A4 Case Study Document); the design of our branded stall; the production of our branded video displayed at the stall (Excerpt shown below at 12fps).

Transforming the way recruiters work, Sourcebreaker 2023

Responsible for branded ad campaign promoting SourceBreaker as an effective and efficient tool for recruiters. Worked alongside a video production agency to produce a two-minute video advert for all social channels; provided motion graphics for video (example displayed below). 

I used the final video to produce a series of graphics for social adverts, using company branding as the basis of all artworks created.

EMAIL NOTIFICATION KO Visuals SourceBreaker 230123.gif

Jess Hands and Friends

Worked as videographer and editor for fundraiser event run by artist Jess Hands. 

All promotional and video materials made afterwards were to help fundraise for Jess' vocal surgery as a part of her transition.

Generative AI

A personal project created when Photoshop first released generative fill feature in beta. A bit of fun but also a chance to learn about the capabilities and limits of the so-called "groundbreaking feature."

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